Do you run an HVAC business and want to know 3 e-commerce strategies that can help grow your business?

In this video, Zoey, our HVAC marketer extraordinaire, shares her favourite e-commerce strategies for HVAC companies:

1. Ongoing maintenance plans 

There’s nothing better than having recurring revenue coming in throughout the year, regardless of the ebbs and flows of business. Enabling your customers to purchase a maintenance plan through an online store ensures they receive the best level of service while maintaining the warranty on their HVAC equipment.

2. Furnace filter subscription

You know better than anyone how much people neglect to change their furnace filters on a regular basis. By allowing your customers to purchase a furnace filter subscription and offering regularly scheduled delivery, you help eliminate this pain point while generating a recurring form of revenue for your business. Furthermore, this level of high-quality service often generates referrals and word-of-mouth for your business (the best form of marketing!). It’s a win for your customers and for your business.

3. Online payment processing

Most of your customers are busy during business hours. Help make things easier for them by enabling online payments. You’ll find you’ll get your invoices paid faster while offering a more convenient method of payment for your customers.

Have you implemented any of these strategies for your HVAC business? Let us know in the comments below!

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