About the Episode

Adam Gracie is the President of Therm-All Mechanical & Electrical Group. Therm-All services all of Southern Ontario, from households to industries, and small businesses to municipalities. In this conversation, Rob and Adam about how to hire the right people for your HVAC business, how to build trust with your customers, how to get out of the truck and start working on the business as an owner and much more!

In this episode, Rob and Adam dive deep on how to  hire the right team in order to help you build customer service and how to know when to step away from doing the day-to-day work as a business owner so you can work on growing the business!

  • Building trust with your customers 
  • Helping your HVAC techs build empathy and trust
  • How to hire the right people
  • Building loyalty with your team
  • How to step back from being in the business and driving the truck to working on the business as an owner 
  • And much more!