In this video, our in-house marketing expert, Zoey, shares the following 3 effective ways to build more trust in the marketplace.

1. Blogging

By sharing your expertise in the form of blog posts, you’re establishing yourself as a trusted source of information AND boosting your Google ranking. Though blogging can be intimidating at first, the most effective blogs are often short and to-the-point articles that answer your clients’ most common questions. Plus, by sticking to a consistent blogging schedule, you’ll stand out from your competition by adding value to the marketplace.

2. Creating checklists

A great way to connect with potential customers is by creating helpful (and downloadable) checklists for your target audience. For example, if you’re the owner of an HVAC company, you could offer a seasonal checklist for homeowners to go through twice a year or at the start of each season. That way, not only are you offering a valuable resource, you’re creating a new lead generation tool by capturing your potential clients’ contact information.

3. Offering video content

Last but not least, curating helpful videos is perhaps the most effective way to build trust in the marketplace. By putting a friendly face to your name and offering useful advice and thoughtful content (think DIY repairs or how-to videos), people will feel like they’re building a rapport with you. Start small with short videos, and don’t fret too much about the quality! People value authenticity over perfection. Once you’ve established trust, your audience will be much more likely to want to engage with you directly. 

We hope these tips will help you build more trust, generate more leads and grow your business! Want to bring your business to the next level with the help of marketing experts (like Zoey)? Contact Intrigue today:

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