One of the challenges we often see in the HVAC industry is that clients only call when an issue comes up… and then never again.

Once the issue is solved, they’ll happily go on with their lives until the next issue comes up, at which point they’ll contact another HVAC company (typically the first one that shows up in a Google search).

That signifies a missed opportunity that can have a profound impact on your bottom line.  

To counter that, you want to engage with your past customers on a regular basis. That way, your business automatically comes to mind whenever they need your services.

In this video, our content strategist Andrew invites you to think of the following 4 strategies to engage your past customers:

  1. Sell ongoing maintenance plans through an Ecommerce store
  2. Set up regularly scheduled furnace filter delivery
  3. Stay top of mind with email newsletters and drip campaigns
  4. Keep your audience engaged through a consistent social media strategy

By combining these 4 strategies, you’ll multiply the number of touch points you have with your customers throughout the year. As a result, you’ll see your repeat business increase accordingly.

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