IM HVAC Growth Podcast

Episode #5: IM HVAC Growth Podcast with Michael Grochmal from Atlas Care

About the Episode

Michael Grochmal from Atlas Care joins Rob Murray for a powerful conversation on building an exceptional and consistent client experience, how to differentiate yourself to charge a premium, managing your staff so they live out the company’s core values and are customer focused, and much more!

Join us for a powerful conversation on:

  • How to differentiate yourself so you can charge a premier
  • How to create a culture and team that is customer focused
  • Why you should be constantly be recruiting
  • How to have your staff build their own personal brand and live it
  • How to create a consistent client experience 
  • …and so much more!

Episode #4: IM HVAC Growth Podcast with Sandy MacLeod, CEO & President of HRAI

About the Episode

In this episode, Rob speaks to the CEO & President of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI). Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge after speaking to both small and large HVAC businesses across Canada. He shares what makes a successful business, the importance of having energy efficiency on your mind, profitability, and more!

About our guest: Sandy MacLeod

Sandy MacLeod, is the President and CEO of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI). HRAI represents more than 1200 member companies across the HVACR distribution chain of Contractors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers. Prior to joining HRAI, Sandy was the COO at Star Media Group with oversight of print operations. During his business career, Sandy has held leadership roles in marketing, business development, strategy and human resources. A native of Nova Scotia, Sandy has lived in four Provinces and has led numerous business units with operations throughout Canada. His extensive experience with Associations includes acting as president of the North American Division of the International News Media Association, Media research lead for Vividata and Chair of Advertising Standards Canada. Sandy has a Certificate in Business from the Canadian Institute of Business and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Queens University. Sandy has been with HRAI since May of 2018.

Episode #3: IM HVAC Growth Podcast with Roy Bryan on Succession Planning

About the Episode

Roy Bryan from Bryan’s Fuel joins Rob Murray for a conversation on how to approach succession planning for your HVAC business with your family. Bryan’s Fuel started in 1924 and has rapidly continued to grow ever since in Ontario.

This short and powerful episode is filled with tangible takeaways if you own a family HVAC business.

  • How to begin the conversation around succession planning with your kids
  • How to approach succession planning for your HVAV business
  • Who to approach professional conversations around planning for your business for the future
  • Financing models for creating a successful succession plan
  • and so much more!

IM HVAC Growth Podcast

The IM HVAC Growth podcast is where we interview the top leaders in the HVAC industry across North America to understand how they grew their business to where it is today! Discover how successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the HVAC space implement leadership, hiring, and strategy and gain the tools, tactics, and strategies to help you grow. Hosted by Rob Murray, Co-founder and CEO of Intrigue, a digital marketing agency focused on helping HVAC businesses generate leads online.