IM HVAC Growth Podcast

Episode #9: IM HVAC Growth Podcast with Doug MacMillan of The Letter M

About the Episode

Doug MacMillan from the Letter M joins Rob Murray for a conversation around using marketing to help grow your HVAC business. Doug has been in the marketing industry since the early 2000’s and is a columnist for a mechanical business magazine to keep the conversation around brand and marketing going to engage contractors in a broader way of what brand means. This conversation focuses on a discussion around the broader commitment to building identity and personality. 

You cannot attract your best clients and young talent without a brand or a position in the marketplace that has an identity. 

Listen in on the conversation to learn more about the importance of your business brand and more!

Episode #8: IM HVAC Growth Podcast with Adam Gracie President of Therm-All Mechanical & Electrical Group

About the Episode

Adam Gracie is the President of Therm-All Mechanical & Electrical Group. Therm-All services all of Southern Ontario, from households to industries, and small businesses to municipalities. In this conversation, Rob and Adam about how to hire the right people for your HVAC business, how to build trust with your customers, how to get out of the truck and start working on the business as an owner and much more!

In this episode, Rob and Adam dive deep on how to  hire the right team in order to help you build customer service and how to know when to step away from doing the day-to-day work as a business owner so you can work on growing the business!

  • Building trust with your customers 
  • Helping your HVAC techs build empathy and trust
  • How to hire the right people
  • Building loyalty with your team
  • How to step back from being in the business and driving the truck to working on the business as an owner 
  • And much more!

Episode #7: IM HVAC Growth Podcast with Wes Quickfall President of Conestogo Mechanical

About the Episode

Wes is the President of Conestogo Mechanical, a mechanical contracting firm, offering high-quality services for commercial, industrial, institutional, & multi-residential buildings. He has been in the business for 24 years and worked his way from an apprentice to President of the company. Everything he has been able to accomplish has been around having good people.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Getting customers on maintenance plans
  • How software can help you scale your business
  • How to get buy-in from your company when implementing new software
  • How to integrate your systems
  • Finding the right provider
  • and more!

IM HVAC Growth Podcast

The IM HVAC Growth podcast is where we interview the top leaders in the HVAC industry across North America to understand how they grew their business to where it is today! Discover how successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the HVAC space implement leadership, hiring, and strategy and gain the tools, tactics, and strategies to help you grow. Hosted by Rob Murray, Co-founder and CEO of Intrigue, a digital marketing agency focused on helping HVAC businesses generate leads online.