Email Marketing for HVAC Companies

With a 38:1 ROI, every HVAC company should leverage the power of email marketing.

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Email marketing for your HVAC business

Many HVAC businesses are sitting on a gold mine of leads — both from returning customers and prospective customers.

Your gold mine is your list of emails.

99% of consumers check their email every single day. That’s significantly more than any other communication channel. This is why the return on investment for email marketing is so high at 38:1.

Across the home services industry, emails have an average open rate of 22% and a click-through rate of 3%. Intrigue’s HVAC clients have open rates that average 30% and click rates between 5-7%!

If you want your HVAC business to grow, you need to invest in an email marketing strategy. Here are some key reasons why this is true:

  • You own your email list
  • Efficiently educate new leads
  • Email newsletters will help you reactivate older customers
  • Keep customers up-to-date on your company
  • Send promotions and sales quickly and easily
  • And more…

There are many ways our team at Intrigue can leverage email marketing to help your business grow. Here are some examples:

Email Newsletters

A monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly newsletter to your list of subscribers is one of the most effective ways to remain on the top of your customer’s mind.

You can send updates, sales, blogs, FAQs, service reminders, and seasonal tips to your list to educate them and direct them get in touch with you for all their HVAC needs.

Our HVAC clients experience 30% – 50% or higher open rates on their email campaigns. It is the number one way to stay connected with every prospect and customer you’ve managed in the last few years.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign (sometimes called an automated campaign, or a lead nurturing campaign) is one or more emails that automatically sent to a contact after they either complete an action on your website like subscribing to your newsletter or asking about your services.

A drip campaign is like a 24/7/365 salesperson on your team that will build trust with your customers.


HVAC businesses are using e-commerce more than ever. From selling furnace filters to monthly service maintenance, the modern HVAC entrepreneur recognizes the value of having online options for their customers.

We can build you an e-commerce website that sells products, services, sends abandoned cart emails, and tells you exactly how much money each email you send brings to your business.

Unleash the power of email marketing and grow your HVAC business.

Why work with Intrigue?

At Intrigue, our purpose is to empower leaders to strengthen communities.

Since 2006, we’ve understood that entrepreneurs like you are the leaders who drive our economy, give back to our communities, and create change in our world. It’s our belief that if we create a culture in which entrepreneurs can trust their marketing company, we’ll be able to help you grow the business of your dreams.

There’s nothing more fulfilling for us than knowing our work helped you grow your team, spend more time with your loved ones, or take your family on that dream vacation you’ve dreamed about for years but have been too busy to enjoy.

Intrigue takes the confusion out of the complex world of marketing with our trademarked MAP® process that will get you the high-value, qualified leads you want.

To learn more about Intrigue’s values, commitments, and how we can help you scale-up your HVAC business, visit our About page.

Send emails that engage your audience and generate quality leads and sales.