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A properly optimized website will make sales while you sleep and keep your business top-of-mind.

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There is no doubt that a well-optimized website with an online store that can sell maintenance plans is a crucial part of the success of a modern HVAC company. Here’s why:

  • It creates a consistent flow of revenue throughout the year
  • It makes it easier to schedule maintenance visits and to deliver great service
  • It creates a better customer experience because everyone on a plan gets proactive visits and encounters fewer problems
  • It keeps your business top of mind so that you don’t lose customers each year simply because they’ve lost touch with you

So why do so many HVAC companies struggle with getting customers to buy into maintenance plans?

Automate selling and scheduling maintenance plans

While selling maintenance plans online is a no-brainer from a business growth standpoint, what you don’t want to do is create more work for yourself or your team.

These are the problems we hear from HVAC entrepreneurs who aren’t having success selling maintenance plans:

  1. Service technicians and salespeople don’t always follow the proper procedures  to sell maintenance plans.
  2. Lots of companies have a hard time keeping track of when customers are in need of maintenance.
  3. Most companies are simply too busy with the day-to-day challenges of running a business to focus on it.

When your website has a page that allows customers to purchase maintenance plans online, all you have to do is remind them to visit that page after an installation, on your social media, in your newsletters, or during follow-up conversations.

Imagine how much your business would thrive if the majority of your customers were subscribed to a maintenance plan!

That’s why we’ve developed an online system for HVAC entrepreneurs like yourself that equips your website with a 24/7/365 salesperson for your team.

Why you need to sell maintenance plans online

When HVAC companies come to us for help in growing their business, they tend to have many of the following issues:

  1. Peak and valleys: customers flood their business with equipment maintenance requests in Oct/Nov and May/Junet. This creates peaks and valleys in their business that greatly impact revenue.
  2. Service delays: during peak season, they’re not able to service the maintenance requests fast enough and this leads to poor customer service.
  3. Get forgotten about: no regular follow-ups and touchpoints mean they end up losing some customers to competitors.
  4. Lack of upsells: not having service plans creates little opportunities to upsell existing clients.
  5. Lack of participation: less than 25% of their customers are on maintenance plans.

Your website needs e-commerce

With an e-commerce enabled website that clearly communicates the value and benefits of a maintenance plan, you’ll empower your clients to easily subscribe to your annual service.

Furthermore, with an email marketing campaign used to inform, educate, and drive customers to your website, you can nurture new leads and warm them up to the idea of a maintenance plan. This strategy alone has been shown to more than double the subscription rate for existing clients. 

Getting more of your customers to subscribe to a regular maintenance plan through your e-commerce store can be a game-changer for your business. However, it needs to be done in a way that reduces bottlenecks and doesn’t take time or resources away from your team.

Implementing an online e-commerce store to promote your maintenance plans — backed by an effective email campaign to drive traffic to your store — can be a powerful way to boost sales, stay top-of-mind, and smooth out your yearly revenues.

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